Best Practices for Designing Micro Learning Experiences

microlearningLearning is not confined into one set way. In fact, everyone learns very differently. We are all familiar with this concept; hence the existence of multiple studies focusing on learning types. A practice that is starting to catch the attention is micro learning. With all of the social media platforms and digital devices, it is no surprise that a person’s attention span fails to be kept for longer periods of time. Keeping this in mind, micro learning has been said to be a very successful learning tool.

What Is Micro Learning, Anyway?

Micro learning is any short content, chunked into small, manageable pieces for the purpose of learning. This can pertain to online videos, articles, and interactive games. Micro learning is best for:

  • People who have very short attention spans
  • Learning a lot of content in a short amount of time
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Businesses needing to teach employees new skills
  • Smart-phone, laptops, and tablet devices

Make It Fun And Engaging

The concept of micro learning is that the learning experience can happen in a short amount of time; therefore it needs to keep the masses entertained. Providing content that is humorous or has some sort of unique factor is key to making it stand out and have people continue to engage with it. Think of social media posts. Most of them are short phrases, infographics, images, or videos. The content is short, plot-driven, and highly engaging. The same needs to be done when setting up a micro learning experience for people.

Short And Sweet

All content for micro learning should be short and to the point. It is vital that this is made to be the forefront when preparing the micro learning content. Videos should be no longer than four minutes. Articles should use bullet points and sub headers to help people quickly skim through.

Episodic Videos

Modeling after a popular trend with video content, it only makes sense to make an episodic series for the learning content. This is a good way to break up lessons and create an interest in them. Keep in mind, though, that the content shouldn’t be longer than four minutes. After that, the attention span begins to fade.

Videos Need a Script

Every good video follows a script and micro learning videos are not any different. Make sure you have a strong plot for each video and cast a vast group of actors to act out the message or information that is meant to come across. Keep the camera shot continuous because switching to different scenes can be distracting to the learner.

Micro Learning Is Not New

The concept that people recognize as micro learning is not new. Many successful companies including Walmart have utilized this method effectively. When Walmart hires a new employee, they are required to complete several very short training courses. This is, essentially, micro learning.


The new norm is short, fast, and engaging content. Micro learning continues in this trend, while providing useful and skillful tools for everyone to take advantage of.

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