5 Compelling Reasons To Implement The Interactive Design In Your Elearning Content

Interactive design certainly makes your online courses look sharp, but the bigger reason to use interactive design in eLearning is it boosts the quality of your learner’s experience – making your content engaging, yet easy.

If you’re still not convinced.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to implement the interactive design in all of your eLearning content!

#1 Grab Their Attention

The days of text-heavy, sleeper courses have come and gone.

RIP dry PowerPoint slides.

Enter videos, rich graphics, animations, photos, infographics, illustrations, and photos to grab your learner’s attention and bring the content to life. To grab your audience’s attention, the content must be more akin to the content they consume daily on social media and YouTube, not a boring mandatory corporate training lecture.

#2 Hold Their Attention

To prolong engagement, your eLearning must include the audience as an active participant in the learning journey.

Bringing your content to life with immersive videos and engaging multimedia is one of the best ways to keep them from drifting off to the next shiny piece of content that comes their way. The interactive design draws learners to actually participate and not just click through to “finish” your course.

#3 Makes it Fun

Learning doesn’t have to be a serious, dull, mandated endeavor. Mix it up with games and quizzes where all the learning happens in entertaining ways.

Participation will increase, retention will soar and chances are your audience won’t think of your course as an “assignment” or necessary evil, but rather something they’ll voluntarily engage with.

#4 It’s All About the Story

Storytelling is a buzzword in eLearning!

Interactive eLearning design is an exceptional framework to present believable characters with a storyline they can truly connect with.

This can be taken one step further by presenting real-life scenarios that force the learner to make decisions. Not only does interactive design pave the way to an exceptional story, by dropping your learner into that story as an active participant, will boost the experience twofold.

#5 Allows for Autonomy

Learner autonomy is important; especially in adult learning. Using interactive design to give your audience the ability to pick and choose which content, and in what order, can increase all-round engagement significantly.

This allows the learner to be in control of their own learning journey, giving them a sense of ownership and investment with the content they’re consuming.

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