Why Professional Instructional Design Services Are Your Best Bet?

dollar-161621_150Building an instructional program for a course or training session requires a lot of effort. It takes time, consideration and a thorough understanding of what motivates people to learn and retain information. There are many individuals and companies that honestly believe that they are capable of creating their own instructional design products. While it is possible to do so, are these do-it-yourself instructional design courses really effective? Companies may know what they want to include in their training and e-learning products, but this does not mean they have the necessary expertise to create their own course materials. It is highly recommended that companies utilize professional instructional design services to ensure that they have an effective end product.

Why Do-It-Yourself Instructional Design Doesn’t Work

Just because a company knows what is needed for a training or an e-learning course does not mean they are able to create, build and execute this information on their own.  Many entities create their own training and e-learning material only to discover that it is highly ineffective. The simple fact is that do-it-yourself instructional design doesn’t work because there is more to creating effective training and educational material than simply presenting the content.

Saving Money Often Leads to More Money Spent

A number of companies that attempt to create their own training and e-Learning materials often do so in an attempt to save money. Many figure that they know best what their company needs. At the end, many organizations find that saving money by creating their own training and e-Learning materials without the assistance of a specially trained professional instructional designer or eLearning specialist results in ineffective poorly designed materials. Thus, more money, time and resources are ultimately used to correct major training and e-Learning design mistakes.

The Benefits of Using Professional Instructional Design Services

By using a professional instructional design services, the creation of training and e-Learning material is done right the first time resulting in the creation of instructionally sound, usable materials in a timely manner. Companies do have their say as to what information is included in the various training and e-Learning courses, but leave the creation of these courses to the professional instructional design specialists. There are a variety of ways in which  professional instructional design services can help companies create effective training and e-Learning materials. They include:

  • Development of eLearning, blended learning, and informal learning experiences
  • Re-purposing traditional training to ELearning
  • Designing online and print materials for training and learning purposes
  • Development of appropriate assessment tools.

Why waste time and money creating less than stellar instructional design products when there are professional services that can transform simple training and e-Learning information into effective learning materials.

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