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iSpring Suite Max ReviewAt Your ELearning World, we are always looking for great solutions and easy to use eLearning authoring tools. When I learned about iSpring Suite Max, I knew I had to give it a try. Here’s an account of what I learned. Hopefully, some of you who are looking for an eLearning course authoring and publishing solution will find this information insightful.

What’s It About?

iSpring Suite Max is a collection of eLearning course authoring tools that allows you to design content through collaborative teamwork. With the Suite of tools available to them, design teams create e-courses that include videos, dialogue simulations, interactive quizzes and assessments, and a whole lot more. One distinctive feature of the product suite is a remarkably short learning curve. Thanks to the intuitive navigation and well-laid-out design, I was able to get productive, using my demo/trial subscription, within a short period of time.


What’s Included?

iSpring Suite Max is a 3-in-one solution that includes:

  • iSpring Suite – A power-filled toolkit to create courses, quizzes, and simulated exercises
  • iSpring Space –20 GB of online space that allows collaboration and coordination among course authoring and development teams
  • iSpring content library – A collection of over 68,000 resources, including characters and templates, for straight out-of-the-box eLearning course creation

An annual subscription also buys you award-winning tech support delivered 24/7 via phone, online chat, or email. Users may also opt to live online training, informative webinars, and a comprehensive set of documentation.

Who Is It for?

Ideal for freelance eLearning course developers, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), or large corporate eLearning development teams. The tool’s features are great for authoring a wide range of eLearning courses, including:

  • Onboarding training
  • Product training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Channel training
  • Compliance training
  • Certification training

…and much more.

iSpring Suite Max Features

The product suite delivers a host of features that both novice eLearning course authors and veteran course developers will appreciate. Here are some of my personal top-pick features:

  • SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC compliant
  • Exceptional collaboration and team-based cooperation
  • PowerPoint slide conversion
  • Rapid course publication to HTML5 and SCORM-compliant formats
  • Seamlessly import/export existing content
  • Quiz, Test and Assessment creation and management
  • Interactive content support
  • Branching scenarios and feedback slides
  • Capture screencasts to include in your courses
  • Audio/Video management, including editing of videos in a user-friendly studio
  • Support for simulation and gamification
  • Extensive resources, including 14 ready-to-go question templates, 450 slide templates, 65,000 character images, 1,025 location images
  • iSpring Space for teamwork and collaboration right in a browser.

I found the ability to use existing scripts, and quickly turn them into captivating role-play simulations of great interest. Novice eLearning authors, or corporate trainers implementing online learning for the first time, will find this feature of great use in getting their eLearning initiatives off to a flying start.


iSpring Suite Max allows users to create video-based courses, shoot screencasts, and edit videos in a user-friendly studio with iSpring Suite.

With iSpring Suite Max, there’s also a whole suite of informative and descriptive reporting that allows trainers and course administrators to track the progress of learners online, in real-time. Course sponsors can use analytical reporting to make informed decisions quickly and to stay abreast on the effectiveness of the organizations’ eLearning initiatives.


Platforms and Environments

iSpring Suite Max is available for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365. It supports Windows 10/8/7 32- and 64-bit versions. The tools are also available for Android and iOS (Apple) environments.

One aspect I found particularly useful was the “create once, deploy multiple” feature. The courses developed with iSpring Suite Max play perfectly on any devices, including the iPhone, iPads, tablets, and desktops. This adds portability and scalability to any eLearning initiatives.


The integrated iSpring Suite Max solution is available at a starting annual price of US$970 per author. This covers iSpring Suite (usually of $770 value), iSpring Content Library ($397), iSpring Space ($770), and 24/7 tech support ($397). This means the entire bundle, usually of $2,334 value, is now offered at a discount of $1,364 (a nearly 60% discount!). The stand-alone iSpring Suite is available at an annual rate of US$770 per author.

Both configurations (iSpring Suite Max and iSpring Suite) use a per-seat pricing model, with price reductions based on an escalating number of users (1, 3, and 5-users). There are also custom pricing models available that companies can negotiate based on individual requirements. There may also be additional volume and special-purpose (e.g. academic or not-for-profit use) discounts available. Check with an authorized company representative to discuss your needs in greater detail before signing-up.

Track record and reviews

Since we always look for proven products, I was happy to learn that the product has received numerous awards and accolades over the years, including “Leader in Course Authoring at G2 (Spring 2020)”, Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology (2018), and many others. I was pleased to see that iSpring Suite Max’s support received industry-recognized accolades too, including Gold standard 2019 and Best Support from Capterra.

What gave me additional confidence was that global players like Forever Direct, L’Oreal, Acer, Learning Nurse, Glasgow Caledonian University, Triumph…and many more, use iSpring solutions as part of their eLearning initiatives. This gives me confidence that users would receive great support and an ongoing commitment to the tools they select.

Easy To Get Started

Before forming an opinion on any product, I like to get hands-on with it to kick the tires – so to speak. I did that by downloading the iSpring Suite Max 14-day trial version. I’m glad I did because what I saw impressed me. It was everything my research claimed iSpring Suite promises.

I found the tool extraordinarily simple to learn and easy to use. At its basic, all you do is simply create your PowerPoint deck and then click on Publish. I loved the fact that it also allows course developers the option to publish a presentation as a SCORM course. You simply upload the .zip file to any one of the over 156 leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are iSpring compatible and then track the progress of your learners. I found it that simple!

“Going live” with your first eLearning course is quick and easy too. All I did was create my account, upload some of my existing content (PDFs, Word docs, and a few videos), and invited some of my learners to join the training courses.

My parting thoughts: Anyone looking to implement an eLearning authoring tool in their organization should download iSpring Free as a first step.  That will not only give you a sense of how eLearning authoring tools work, but you’ll better understand the power that iSpring Suite Max offers to your course developers.

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