How to Title Your Online Course, Modules, and Lessons

How to Title Your Online Course, Modules, and LessonsOne of the most crucial parts of developing an online course is creating its title. We know, coming up with a name sounds pretty insignificant compared to designing all the videos, creating hundreds of graphics, and images, producing crisp audios, and doing a million other things that are required to bring an online course to life.


However, no matter how brilliant it is, the course content isn’t the first thing that an individual notices. The very first thing that grabs a person’s attention is…, well, you guessed it right! It’s the title of the course.


Creating an extraordinary first impression is essential, especially in the digital world!


Don’t we always go on Youtube or Instagram and click the play button on videos and clips with interesting titles. No matter what people say, more often than not, we all judge a book by its cover and a video by its title. After all, there’s a lot of content available online, and we have limited time. So we can’t watch anything and everything, right?


Therefore, you need to have an attractive and compelling title that your potential learners cannot ignore. You need to have such an exciting course name that makes them click that “enroll” option.


So, how do you create such a powerful and captivating course title? Here are the five expert tips and tricks to get you started!

1.   Define Target Audience

The most common mistake people make when starting with an online business or creating a product or service is they don’t have a clear idea about their target audience. To create something irresistible for your buyers, you need to know who those buyers are, right? If you don’t know who your target audience is, well then, you are doing nothing but just shooting in the dark. And that’s something you should always avoid.


You can create buyer personas (or, in our case, learner personas) to describe your target audience. Buyer personas are semi-fictitious profiles that describe your ideal customer. Start by describing the demographics of your target audience, like where they live, what they do, their age, the language they speak, their job, etc. Then go on to describe their hobbies, wants, pain points, etc. Be as detailed as you need to be.


Doing this will give you a fair idea of your target audience and will better equip you to create a course title that is just perfect for them!

2.   Make an Offer They Just Can’t Refuse!

When you know your target audience, you have an idea of their needs and wants. So use that knowledge when creating the titles of your online course, modules, and lessons.


Create a catchy title that presents them with such an incredible opportunity that they simply cannot pass. Design a title that tells what your eLearning course will offer them and how it will be beneficial for their career or some other aspect of their lives.


Use this tip to title all your modules and lessons. But always remember that whatever you are offering or promising to your prospective learners doesn’t turn out too good to be true. It should not be the case where your title is picture-perfect, but your modules don’t offer any real value. So ensure to make a reasonable promise that your eLearning course can keep!

3.   Be As Descriptive As Possible, Without Sounding Boring!

Okay, this one is pretty tricky. Your course title should be descriptive. This way, the learners can get enough information about what they’ll find in the course modules and lessons. But the trick here is to do it without being verbose. There is a fine line between the two, and getting it right is the way to success!


You’ll find one thing common in all the massively popular online courses- their titles are very concise, and yet they tell you precisely what the complete module offers. So to create a course title that sells, you need to compel your prospective learners to enroll while telling them why they need to sign up for it.


But remember, don’t be overly generous with your words. An extremely lengthy and complicated online course title never wins the game. The learners will just ignore it and go on looking for a more precise title!

4.   Be Clear About The Proficiency Level of Your Course

Is it a beginners-level course that you are creating, or is it an advanced one? Or perhaps, is it just a refresher course? Remember to be clear about the difficulty level of your modules in the course title itself.


For example, if you are creating an Online Marketing course for beginners, create a title like “Online Marketing Skills for Beginners” or something similar.  


Our point is that the learners should be able to figure out the degree of expertise your online course would provide them. This is important so that there are no dissatisfactions or confusions after they’ve enrolled for the lessons.

5.   Don’t Try to Be Overly Creative!

Creativity is good. It’s great to use your imagination skills. But sacrificing clarity just to sound too creative is not the right way to design your course title.


When your mind is buzzing with fantastic ideas, it’s natural to lose your tracks and go overboard while penning down the title of your online lessons and modules. But remember, clarity and brevity is what wins the game here!


A course title that is engaging and eye-catching but does nothing to inform the learners about what eLearning course it will offer is basically of no use. The learners will be left clueless after reading it. They will just move ahead without giving it a second glance. Above everything else, an online course title should be informative.


So create a title that has the perfect balance of creativity, clarity and is informational as well. Create sample titles and ask your team members to guess what the course is all about. Study their responses and make the necessary changes.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our expert tips and tricks to title your online course, module,s, and lessons.


Today, when the Internet is filled with thousands of online courses, modules, and lessons, creating a powerful and eye-catching title has become essential. Multiple new courses are being introduced every day, and competition in the eLearning industry is getting brutal. Therefore, to set yourself and your course apart from that of your competitors, you must choose an engaging name!


So use our tips and tricks and compose the picture-perfect title for your online course. Remember, you get only a few handful chances to impress your potential learners, make sure to use them well!


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