Agile ELearning Development: How to create awesome eLearning courses using the Agile methodology

Agile ELearning Development: How to create awesome eLearning courses using the Agile methodology

Are you thinking about using the Agile methodology to create your eLearning courses, but don’t know where to start? Then, the Agile ELearning Development: How to create awesome eLearning courses using the Agile methodology book is for you! It covers everything instructional designers and eLearning professionals need to know about developing courses the Agile way!

The book will introduce you to the Agile methodology and compare it to the traditional ADDIE model.

You’ll learn about the agile teams and their roles and responsibilities. In addition, the book will teach you how to write and estimate user stories, how to write acceptance criteria, and how to manage change and risk. You’ll also be introduced to Scrum and Kanban. Lastly, you’ll learn about the Agile testing and the tools that can help an eLearning organization become Agile-ready.

This book is your guide to the Agile eLearning development and project management. To guide you along the way, there are thought-provoking questions that should help you understand your current process, how you can change it, and what steps you can take to make your eLearning projects more agile.

Agile ELearning Development: How to create awesome eLearning courses using the Agile methodology


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