Who is Your eLearning World?

I am Marina Arshavskiy, a professional instructional design and eLearning writer. Brands like you
turn to me when they want to connect with their customers by writing engaging content about
instructional design, eLearning, leadership, Human Resources, and more.


Why choose me?

I create compelling and informative blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, brochures, case
studies, video scripts, storyboards, and more to increase awareness of your expertise, attract
attention to your company, and improve performance results.

    • Author of the Instructional Design for ELearning: Essential guide to creating
      successful eLearning courses
      used by multiple colleges and universities
    • More than 15 years of experience in instructional design, eLearning, education,
      training, curriculum design, human resources, and copywriting
    • Credentials include a Master of Arts degree in Instructional Design and a Kirkpatrick
      Bronze Level certified training evaluation professional
    • My writing attracts, engages, and converts with proven results.

Marina Arshavskiy

My clients get results.
Skye Multimedia
Elearning Industry
Shift - Disruptive Elearning
Diamond Student Information Systems
Training Magazine
California Management Review
T+D: Training + Developmen
Status Labs
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