Instructional Design for eLearning

If you’d like to improve your instructional design and eLearning skills, please check out my Instructional Design for ELearning book. This book was written to serve as a desk reference guide for both novice and experienced instructional designers and eLearning specialists. It will help training and education professionals craft strategies and experiences that improve performance. The book has been adopted by multiple colleges and universities including: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Oregon State University, Northeastern University Online College of Professional Studies, and University of Redlands. The Instructional Design for ELearning book is where I share actionable strategies and practical content to help you design effective online learning experiences.

Instructional Design for ELearning: Essential guide to creating successful eLearning courses, 2nd Edition

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Diseño Instruccional para Aprendizaje En Línea: Guía esencial para la creación de cursos exitosos de educación en línea, 2ª Edición

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