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Once we’ve agreed on how you can benefit from our services, I will work closely with an experienced team of instructional designers, graphic artists, and multimedia specialists to ensure your eLearning projects are delivered on-time, within budget and are of outstanding professional quality. Each project has my personal stamp of approval before it is delivered to a client!

How we can help our clients

Storyboarding – Do you need help organizing and developing content, simulations, graphics, and tests? We can help your team quickly develop engaging content for courses and assessments

Defining course goals and objectives – If you are struggling with defining what the objectives of a course should be, we can help you get there by using structured concepts and principles that make defining course goals and objectives simple

Assessment tools – We can help in creating assessment tools based on the content of your course

Design document – Take advantage of our years of experience to help get you started on the right foot. We’ll assist you with the development of a course design document that will help you develop truly effective courses

Course organization – Lengthy and unending course sections, chapters and segments are a sure way to lose your learners after a certain time through the course material. We can provide expert recommendations on how to separate content into digestible modules or lessons so learners are never overwhelmed or lose interest

Course planning – Do you have content but need help analyzing it and suggesting interactivity, delivery methods, etc.? Take advantage of our expertise to help you plan, organize, design and structure your content into interesting and lively courses

Redesigning – Already have classroom training materials and need to convert them into eLearning? Watch how our experts can take even the most basic training materials and turn them into highly appealing eLearning modules

Graphics and animation – Our graphic designers can create compelling visuals to make course material even more meaningful to learners

Rapid eLearning and custom eLearning solutions – Already have content, audio, video, graphics and assessments? We can develop your course in Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, or Lectora. You may even choose a custom eLearning design solution and we’ll be happy to develop in Flash or HTML

Audio/video editing – Do you need to have video or audio edited or added to your course? Our experts can improve the quality of your media assets and insert them into your eLearning courses to make them more interesting and engaging to learners

PowerPoint Presentation – We can help convert drab textual content and bring it alive into attention-grabbing PowerPoint format

Learning/retention tools – We’ll review your course content and help create desk guides, job aids, etc. that your learners can use to practice and reinforce course content long after they’ve completed the course

Starting from the ground up – Do you need to create an eLearning course from scratch? We will work together with your Subject Matter Experts to gather content, analyze it, propose solutions, develop course objectives and assessments and finally produce the course

Language translations – If you are looking to have your courses used by learners familiar with languages other than English, then let us help you translate your courses into other languages?

Section 508 Compliance – We can help make your courses meet regulatory and statutory standards by ensuring they are Section 508 and SCORM compliant

Technical writing – Our experienced content developers can help you ensure that your course material is well structured and built around sound technical guidelines

Second opinion – Sometimes you have a good start, but just want an outside expert to provide best practices and guidance to an already solid plan. We are available to consult on your projects and provide an unbiased, expert second opinion

Course engagement – We can suggest areas that can be improved so the learners actively participate in the lessons through games, simulations, mobile or social learning

No matter what your eLearning and instructional design needs are – we have a solution for you! If you don’t see something on this list that seems to address your challenges – don’t worry! Talk to us today and together we’ll come up with an innovative solution that’s right for you!

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