Work Etiquette

The challenge

Every organization has its own rules and policies regarding gift giving, holiday parties, lunch and break hours, etc. So, when new employees join the company, they need to be introduced to corporate culture to avoid costly mistakes. However, because rules and policies are not the most exciting topics to learn about, many people tend to skip over them when reading company manuals.

The solution

After detailed analyses, Your ELearning World determined the best way to engage new employees would be through short, interactive video segments, with quizzes and interactivities in the middle. Videos would show real-life situations and scenarios, whereas quizzes and interactivities would reinforce learning and ensure that training participants were fully engaged during the presentation.

We simulated a scenario, in which players were making cultural mistakes, and then, correcting them. The Corporate Culture lesson included dynamic scenarios, 3D images and animations, interactive assessments, and links to external resources with a Policy manual that players could download for future reference. The download and print options gave training participants the ability to choose either the immersive scenario-based experience, or a quicker, but less interactive access to training materials.