Portable Power Drill Safety Training for Construction Employees

The challenge

Portable power drills are widely used tools in the construction industry, but they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. To prevent injuries associated with power drills, employers must provide training to their employees on proper use and maintenance of power drills. A small construction company needed a comprehensive training program to prevent some of the most common power drill injuries. The manager of that company wanted to make this training mandatory for new hires and require his seasoned employees to review the information at least twice a year.

The solution

Since the target audience for this training was both new and experienced employees, we created two courses. The first course was very detailed and covered step-by-step instructions for using the portable power drill and preventing electric shock and face and hand injuries. The second course was geared toward experienced employees, who simply needed a refresher. Therefore, the second course was short and to the point. We also created a downloadable job aid to allow construction workers to review it at their own convenience, without referring to the actual training.  The job aid included step-by-step instructions and visuals needed to review the proper use of portable power drills.