New Employee Orientation

The challenge

A well-planned orientation training benefits both the company and its employees. A good orientation program can make a difference in employee performance, retention, and engagement.While classroom training can be a great way to share important information and answer questions new hires may have about the organization, allocating time and resources for the ILT training can be problematic, especially for small and mid-size businesses. This is whya mid-size insurance corporation wanted to have their classroom training converted into an online format.

The solution

After reviewing and analyzing agendas, main content, and supplementary materials, we saw the need to make the program more comprehensive and detailed to ensure new employees integrate smoothly and effectively into their new organization and its mission. Since most of the existing classroom materials were missing a lot of details, we had to work with Subject Matter Experts to obtain responses to our questions related to policies and procedures.  We made the course interactive by using avatars, simulations, and quizzes throughout the modules.  We also created a character, who played the role of a mentor and popped up whenever training participants had questions or needed clarification. Besides interactive eLearning modules, we developed a glossary of terms and acronyms and downloadable Quick Desk Reference guides and tools/checklists, specifically for new hires.