Interviewing Skills for Supervisors

The challenge

Deciding whom to hire can be very problematic and time consuming. If the Hiring Manager hires the right person, then the entire company benefits from that decision. If the Hiring Manager hires the wrong person, then the entire company suffers.  The corporation that requested this training had employee retention issues and hired Your ELearning World to do a complete Performance Improvement analysis and prepare a report with Performance Improvement interventions.

The solution

After intensive needs analysis, we discovered the retention problem was mainly related to interviews. During interviews, supervisors and hiring managers did not ask appropriate questions. They did not know how to analyze and consolidate interviewees’ responses to make the right hiring decision.  To resolve this issue, we proposed to create eLearning modules to teach supervisors and hiring managers how to conduct more effective interviews.  We designed and developed a course to help supervisors recognize legal and policy issues related to interviewing, identify types and styles of interviews, plan effective interview strategies, develop good interview questions, conduct successful interviews, and accurately review interviewees’ responses. We applied experiential learning techniquesthroughout the course. Specifically, we had avatars conduct mock interviewsin a simulated environment. Then, training participants practiced interviewing skills for critique by the avatars.