Healthy Living

The challenge

Nowadays, more people choose Holistic medicine over Traditional medicine. However, what many do not realize is that life style and healthy choices are much more important than regular acupuncture treatments or herbal supplements. The holistic doctor, who requested the Healthy Living course, has many patients who come to him to get treatments, but once they leave the office, unintentionally, make unhealthy choices.  Since that doctor was very busy and could not spend hours educating his patients about their diet and health, he asked YourELearningWorld to create an online training course he could sell to his patients or give away during consultations and speaking engagements.

The solution

The doctor wanted to cover four topics: healthy eating, superfoods, vitamins and supplements, and fitness. We broke the course into small interactive modules covering each topic in-depth. We also made the modules independent of one another, so learners could go directly to the desired topic. In addition, we included a pre- and post-test, so learners could see the gap between what they know and what they should know.  Knowledge checks were also dispersed throughout the course to keep the learners motivated. As a bonus, the Healthy Eating module included a collection of recipes and cooking tips. The course contained many interactive elements, such as characters, animations, and gamification. There was also a link to downloadable attachments, which included all recipes, a list of superfoods, suggested vitamins and supplements, and videos with exercises and breathing techniques.