Fundamentals of a Workplace First Aid- CPR

The challenge

CPR is now becoming more common in the workplace. The Adult Home Care organization was holding monthly seminars and classes to educate their providers about first aid, so they could provide emergency care in case of injury or sudden illness. Because most home care providers who worked at that organization had another full time job, many could not attend these classes and seminars. As a result, they could not provide adequate care to elderly individuals. To resolve this issue, the owner of the organization created short eLearning modules that adult home care providers could access at any time and from any location.

The solution

After carefully evaluating the needs of adult home care providers, we created a non-linear course that allowed learners to click on any desired section and advance through the course at their own pace. The original face-to-face version of the course had a lot of hands-on activities, and we wanted to offer a similar experience in the online environment, through virtual demonstrations and simulations. We also incorporated videos with real life situations and had learners react to each situation by answering multiple-choice questions. After each question, appropriate corrective feedback was provided.  If the question was not answered correctly, remediation screens with branching scenarios popped up.