How to Design eLearning Games that Drive Results?

While eLearning is an effective teaching method, lack of interaction is one of the biggest challenges that instructional designers face when developing online courses. This is where gamification comes into play. Gamification adds fun to eLearning modules while also helping learners absorb the material. Here...

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Building Quick and Effective Simulations

There are many ways to create educational simulations that are both engaging and result-oriented. However, developing these simulations can be very expensive and resource consuming. Therefore, instructional designers should strategically analyze all goals and objectives prior to getting involved in the design process. Here are five...

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Creating Effective Video-based ELearning

Some studies claim the adult attention span has become shorter than that of a goldfish, which is only about 8 seconds long. Whether or not this measurement is accurate, the message is that the ability to stay actively focused on anything is a challenge for...

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